Move-in & Move-out


Move-out cleaning is easy to neglect. After all, you have bigger things to worry about – like moving into your new Bay Area home or apartment! Show us any “Move-out Checklist” you’ve been provided, and we’ll be sure to mark off all the cleaning boxes.

Move-in cleaning before you occupy your new space or before tenants occupy your building comes at a busy time- there are so many other things to get done!

Let Green Monkey’s Cleaning ease the process by getting the space in tip-top shape, either ensuring that your security deposit isn’t impacted by uncleanliness, or ensuring that the new occupant finds a sparkly clean space.

Both Move-in and Move-out cleanings are the deepest of cleans, and when they’re done by Green Monkey’s Cleaning homes and apartments look like new. The incoming owner or occupant will be very impressed.