Deep Cleaning


A deep-cleaning is much more detailed than the standard home or office cleaning. During a deep cleaning, many items are dusted, washed, scrubbed and sanitized than is necessary to do regularly.

Some of the things included in a deep clean that aren’t part of regular cleaning include:

  • Cleaning the inside of the microwave
  • Sanitizing all waste baskets
  • Furniture moved and areas behind it cleaned
  • Extra attention on shower doors and other glass that may have mineral deposits
  • Individual knick-nacks are dusted and cleaned
  • Tile and grout is scrubbed

Deep cleanings are a great idea if you’re planning to host guests or an event in your Bay Area home, or if it’s been a long time since your home or office was thoroughly cleaned and detailed.

For homes with pets or people with allergies, deep cleanings can offer a level of clean that has a big impact on daily life. Many homes or offices choose to do this annually as “Spring Cleaning”, but you can choose any time of year for a refreshing deep cleaning.